• Pingnova

    I accidentally found the old website for another obscure FMA visual novel called Phantomphobia.

    • WayBack Machine - ++ Phantomphobia ++
    • PHANTOMPHOBIA (mirror site)

    It's infamous for allowing the player, who is Edward, to date anyone in the game. The choices are Alphonse (in human form), Colonel Mustang, and Envy.

    An update on the site says they're finished with part one, which is called Phantomphobia: Outsider. It lists a few locations where it's available and how to order it online. It's priced at 25 yuan, about 4 USD.

    Steel Chain colleagues game -Phantomphobia-
    On the next two points & launch.

    I think this is saying the group ("circle") that made the game is called Steel Chain, and the "next two points" are parts two and three of the game. "[And] …

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  • Pingnova

    H2O Blue website salvage

    August 23, 2014 by Pingnova

    Hey everyone! Long time no see. I was trawling through the website of co-creator of the Bluebird's Illusion doujinshi Memory and more of the images were cached there than keircat's, so I'll post some relevant images here.

    • WayBack Machine - �作

    H2OBlue's profile says she was formerly known as Siren, that's good to know. (See here.)

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  • Pingnova

    This is a story in which WLI just about loses her mind when she can not find any evidence of a flower known as "firefly grass" ever existing.

    She will list what she finds here, but she is confused and more than a little ticked off that Wikipedia doesn't have an article on this particular plant.

    See Firefly grass

    Firefly grass (also called hotarugusa) is a fictional breed of flower that appears briefly in all paths of the doujin-soft Bluebird's Illusion.

    Purple/dark blue. Blooms at night. Five pentagonal-arranged petals. Has something to do with fireflies.

    • I have these images:
    I think the third one is what I am most likely looking for, but the fifth one is most common.
    • It has been referred to as "hat-like." Source
    • 蛍草
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  • Pingnova

    Now that I have finally viewed the Neoland OceanX website to some extent, I'm beginning to find that some of the members of the circle have more than one screen name.

    For my sanity and possibly yours I will keep track of them here.

    Most common, "main" name as header, other variations and alternate names below. Names I am not sure of I will put a "?" after. These are the names I am sure belong to members of the circle.

    Chris Fox

    Notes: From what I can decipher from the sketchy machine translation Google provided me with, Chris was also a "CV," otherwise known as a "seiyu," or someone who voices a character in an anime.

    kier cat

    Notes: kier was the creator of the Memory doujinshi based on BBI. See more here.

    No alternate names.

    These names m…

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  • Pingnova

    It has been ongoing for... some time. Everyone wants to see Neoland OceanX's official website, but the fact is that it doesn't exist any more. When the circle disbanded during the time of Bluebird's Illusion's persecution, the website also disappeared. Being the determined person that I am, I have been searching for a way to view the site. Whether through pictures or an interactive archive, I will find a way.

    Follow my progress below, if you dare.

    No result yet.

    Working with the sassy Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, which likes to laugh in my face and tell me it hasn't archived the website when it actually has.

    • I have finally worked around Internet Archive's Wayback Machine's little glitches and found this. Archived 7 February, 2005.
    • And aga…

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  • Pingnova

    Al VS Pride!Ed

    May 30, 2012 by Pingnova

    I think my eyes just died...

    Click here and watch macho!Al and macho!Pride!Ed fight. Oh gods my poor brain...

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  • Pingnova

    1 May, 2012 - BBIRB

    "This is a very important question to y'all so you better listen," said Archeia on behalf of Bluebird's Illusion: Rebuild (BBIRB) yesterday.}}

    Read the full article on Bluebird's Illusion: Rebuild for more info.

    Master post

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  • Pingnova

    Here, I assemble resources on Bluebird's Illusion in various languages, not including English, because this wiki pretty much has that covered. Listed in alphabetical order.

    • sai-illusion's blog - BlueBird's Illusion -
    • Fullmetal Alchemist :Bluebird's illusion Bonjours - blog bd de Mymie-chan
    • Fullmetal Alchemist : Bluebird's Illusion - Nautiljon

    • Bluebird's Illusion - Koibito no Amai

    • Иллюзия синей птицы - Главная (best Russian site)
    • FMA - Bluebird's Illusion/Стальной алхимик-иллюзия синей птицы
    • Bluebird's Illusion | Иллюзия Синей Птицы
    • Все Потрясно! Часть 2 - Bluebird's Illusion | Иллюзия Синей Птицы
    • Фан-клуб "Стального алхимика" » Обсуждения - Записи с меткой: игры

    • Tutorial: FMA - Bluebird's Illusion (Game) - parte 1 - AmestrianArmy
    • Mostran…

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  • Pingnova

    Doujinshi Listing

    April 28, 2012 by Pingnova

    Here WarriorLoverInc will list all rumored and true doujinshi of Bluebird's Illusion. If you know anything about these or more, please do not hesitate to contact her.

    Those with most complete info at top.

    See blog post

    See blog post

    Rumored to be the official doujinshi of Bluebird's Illusion. Later turned out to merely be promotional pages for the visual novel and not a full doujinshi. Not sure if it's Pride's Revenge, Memory, or neither.

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  • Pingnova

    News Abbreviations

    April 27, 2012 by Pingnova

    In my news posts you may notice some collections of letters (i.e. RoaBB, BBIRB). They signify the location that the news was first posted at, if it was not this wiki. If you're (super) well-versed in the small Bluebird's Illusion fandom, then they might be no sweat. But for someone who hasn't the time to pick the convoluted Internet apart with a tweezers for these obscure abbreviations, simply look here.

    The most common, this simply means "Bluebird's Illusion: Rebuild."

    This is shorthand for "Reflections of a Bluebird," my blog on BBI.

    This one stands for "Bluebird's Illusion Wiki," and is very uncommon. Little news originates here.

    "Bluebird's Illusion Guide" is the largest BBI translation site on the web, and sometimes has notable news.

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  • Pingnova

    Progress Now At 60%

    April 27, 2012 by Pingnova

    4.27.12 - RoaBB

    Sometime around 10:19 AM (EST) today Archeia, Co-Project Leader of Bluebird's Illusion: Rebuild (BBIRB), updated their blog's "Progress Report" page. Completion status as of 27 April, 2012, is now at 60%.}}

    Master post

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  • Pingnova

    So. Browsing Google Hong Kong (yay for censorship) and found a Dutch (why is that on a Chinese search engine?) Wikipedia article on Fullmetal Alchemist (sadly very short). It mentioned Bluebird's Illusion and I almost died of happiness. It seems this visual novel has a worldwide fanbase, no?

    So far BBI has appeared in...

    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • China
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Netherlands (Dutch)
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Taiwan
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America
    • And more to be updated

    I really need a life. ^^;

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  • Pingnova

    So, there are rumors (all dead now, of course. The BBI fandom perished years ago) about a sequel to Bluebird's Illusion. It was never stated if it was a visual novel or a doujinshi. I'm wringing the Internet to see if there's any merit to what I read on a forum and the Bluebird's Illusion Live Journal group I've been reading the posts of. Here I'll document what I find and either confirm or refute the sequel's existence.

    • It was reported to not be a new project by Neoland OceanX It is unknown whether this sequel was to be named 1923 or if the plot was as described above, but at least we now know that there was to be a sequel. [31 May, 2012]

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  • Pingnova

    Pride's Revenge, a Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion doujinshi by "Chris S."

    Translated, cleaned, and posted to Bluebird's Illusion Translation Project's blog by Bluebird's Circle and Archeia: the first five pages of Memory.

    If you or someone you knows has any additional info on this doujinshi, do not hesitate to contact WLI!

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  • Pingnova

    Memory is a Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion doujinshi, or fan comic. Created by "kier" and "h2oblue," it remains mostly untranslated and is nigh impossible to find. Being the Internet nerd she enjoys, WarriorLoverInc has, in the impressive space of four months, scoured the Internet for information, scans, and translations of Memory to share with fellow fans and read herself. Here we find the fruits of her labor.

    Pages that remain "raw," or untranslated, but have translations separate the raws.

    Translated by "midnightbanshee" and "yumeiro" to English, posted to "bluebirdsillusion" on Live Journal. See it here, cached by WarriorLoverInc here.

    Translated by "lekabr" to Portuguese, posted to Amestrian Army, cached by WarriorLoverInc here.


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  • Pingnova

    It has been praised as one of the best Fullmetal Alchemist doujin-soft (fan games) of all time, but where would Bluebird's Illusion be without its music? The opening sequence, featuring Ayumi Hamasaki's "Moments" (as sung by ChrisFox), would be a rather humdrum collage of images. As a player entered the title menu their ears would hurt in the silence. Battle sequences, treats that are few and far-between, would be dulled if a track like "Fighting Spirit" were not there to bring the player's excitement to the front. Sequences of happiness or pain would lose their intended emotion. Bluebird's Illusion, like so many other games, movies, and media, relies on its soundtrack to set the mood and hook the audience. Many never realize the importance…

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  • Pingnova

    The List

    March 6, 2012 by Pingnova

    This article will be updated regularly as User:WarriorLoverInc tracks down more resources.

    Sometimes Google-ing "Bluebird's Illusion" just isn't enough. For those times when you need somewhere quality, a site with vital info or fans with which one could fangirl/boy with, I present to you "The List." Each of these sites has been checked and is noted here if it demonstrates possession of vital info, images, motion picture, large amounts of fans, and organization.

    • C-GAMES.INFO: Blue Bird's Illusion Screens, Cover, Information -,002,5176.html
    • Visual Novel Dai: Bluebird's Illusion -
    • The Visual Novel Database: Bluebird's Illusion - …

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  • Pingnova

    Revival of a Fandom

    February 27, 2012 by Pingnova

    2.26.12 - BBIW

    The small but dedicated fandom of Bluebird's Illusion has begun to awaken from a long slumber. It's major players have made updates and assured fans that they're still alive over the past few weeks. First, this wiki was created in January. Then, Bluebird's Illusion Translation Project blogged briefly about the status of their dub and struck up some conversation in their chatbox.

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  • Pingnova

    Lulz from BBI 1

    February 14, 2012 by Pingnova

    On the third day of the Pride Ed ending, Edward Elric meets Roy Mustang outside of headquarters and Roy comments that Ed is not looking so well. Ed sarcastically thanks him for his concern and an interesting conversation ensues...

    • Roy: "Oh, there's no need to be so gracious, considering our relationship is so special." *smirk*
    • Ed: "What do you mean 'so special?!' I don't know what you're talking about..."
    • Roy: "Isn't that the case? But every morning I wait for your 'special service...'"
    • Ed: "What... what are you talking about...? Hey wait... I--I'm warning you...! Don't talk nonsense...!" *blushes*
    • Roy: "How would I be talking nonsense? Even though your techniques are rather poor, but generally speaking I still take a bit of pleasure in it..." …
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  • Pingnova

    1.27.12 - BBIRB

    After the initial call for voice actors for the Bluebird's Illusion fandub by Bluebird's Illusion: Rebuild (BBIRB) went up on the Voice Acting Alliance forums late in 2011, an actor for Envy has finally been found!

    Read full article on BBIRB blog.

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  • Pingnova

    The Bluebird's Illusion Wiki was created today (January 12, 2012) by User:WarriorLoverInc! Edit the articles to share your knowlege of the Fullmetal Alchemist fan game, Bluebird's Illusion!

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