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  • Pingnova

    I accidentally found the old website for another obscure FMA visual novel called Phantomphobia.

    • WayBack Machine - ++ Phantomphobia ++
    • PHANTOMPHOBIA (mirror site)

    It's infamous for allowing the player, who is Edward, to date anyone in the game. The choices are Alphonse (in human form), Colonel Mustang, and Envy.

    An update on the site says they're finished with part one, which is called Phantomphobia: Outsider. It lists a few locations where it's available and how to order it online. It's priced at 25 yuan, about 4 USD.

    Steel Chain colleagues game -Phantomphobia-
    On the next two points & launch.

    I think this is saying the group ("circle") that made the game is called Steel Chain, and the "next two points" are parts two and three of the game. "[And] …

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  • Pingnova

    H2O Blue website salvage

    August 23, 2014 by Pingnova

    Hey everyone! Long time no see. I was trawling through the website of co-creator of the Bluebird's Illusion doujinshi Memory and more of the images were cached there than keircat's, so I'll post some relevant images here.

    • WayBack Machine - �作

    H2OBlue's profile says she was formerly known as Siren, that's good to know. (See here.)

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  • Pingnova

    This is a story in which WLI just about loses her mind when she can not find any evidence of a flower known as "firefly grass" ever existing.

    She will list what she finds here, but she is confused and more than a little ticked off that Wikipedia doesn't have an article on this particular plant.

    See Firefly grass

    Firefly grass (also called hotarugusa) is a fictional breed of flower that appears briefly in all paths of the doujin-soft Bluebird's Illusion.

    Purple/dark blue. Blooms at night. Five pentagonal-arranged petals. Has something to do with fireflies.

    • I have these images:
    I think the third one is what I am most likely looking for, but the fifth one is most common.
    • It has been referred to as "hat-like." Source
    • 蛍草
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  • Pingnova

    Now that I have finally viewed the Neoland OceanX website to some extent, I'm beginning to find that some of the members of the circle have more than one screen name.

    For my sanity and possibly yours I will keep track of them here.

    Most common, "main" name as header, other variations and alternate names below. Names I am not sure of I will put a "?" after. These are the names I am sure belong to members of the circle.

    Chris Fox

    Notes: From what I can decipher from the sketchy machine translation Google provided me with, Chris was also a "CV," otherwise known as a "seiyu," or someone who voices a character in an anime.

    kier cat

    Notes: kier was the creator of the Memory doujinshi based on BBI. See more here.

    No alternate names.

    These names m…

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  • Pingnova

    It has been ongoing for... some time. Everyone wants to see Neoland OceanX's official website, but the fact is that it doesn't exist any more. When the circle disbanded during the time of Bluebird's Illusion's persecution, the website also disappeared. Being the determined person that I am, I have been searching for a way to view the site. Whether through pictures or an interactive archive, I will find a way.

    Follow my progress below, if you dare.

    No result yet.

    Working with the sassy Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, which likes to laugh in my face and tell me it hasn't archived the website when it actually has.

    • I have finally worked around Internet Archive's Wayback Machine's little glitches and found this. Archived 7 February, 2005.
    • And aga…

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