So, there are rumors (all dead now, of course. The BBI fandom perished years ago) about a sequel to Bluebird's Illusion. It was never stated if it was a visual novel or a doujinshi. I'm wringing the Internet to see if there's any merit to what I read on a forum and the Bluebird's Illusion Live Journal group I've been reading the posts of. Here I'll document what I find and either confirm or refute the sequel's existence.

What I know now

  • It was reported to not be a new project by Neoland OceanX[1]
  • It is called "1923," or takes place in Munich in our world in 1923[2]
  • It involves Pride!Ed and Envy[3]

What I have found

  • I discovered a NC-17 rated Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi called "Eien no Waltz 1923." This is most likely not what we're looking for since it's Edward x Heiderich yaoi; Ed is Ed, not Pride; and it's by a group called Mijinko Company (ミジンコかんぱにぃ) who as far as I can tell has no connection whatsoever to Neoland OceanX's team or Bluebird's Illusion.[4]
  • Still searching... [2 April, 2012]
  • I had a discussion with a fan of BBI who has followed the game since its advent. They told me that a sequel was planned and images were even leaked, but because of the copyright issues that shut the game down Ocean-X never had time to complete it.[5] It is unknown whether this sequel was to be named 1923 or if the plot was as described above, but at least we now know that there was to be a sequel. [31 May, 2012]


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