Memory is a Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion doujinshi, or fan comic. Created by "kier" and "h2oblue," it remains mostly untranslated and is nigh impossible to find. Being the Internet nerd she enjoys, WarriorLoverInc has, in the impressive space of four months, scoured the Internet for information, scans, and translations of Memory to share with fellow fans and read herself. Here we find the fruits of her labor.

Untranslated pages

Pages that remain "raw," or untranslated, but have translations separate the raws.

Translated by "midnightbanshee" and "yumeiro" to English, posted to "bluebirdsillusion" on Live Journal. See it here, cached by WarriorLoverInc here.

Translated by "lekabr" to Portuguese, posted to Amestrian Army, cached by WarriorLoverInc here.


But I'm confused about something. I seem to be missing page thirteen and anything after nineteen. I found a fansite some time ago (called "Amestrian Army") and haven't seen it since that possessed all these pages and the translation. Nothing bothers me more than losing a good resource! Sure, the site was in Portuguese (or something) but thanks to Google Translate, that was no problem! If anyone who reads this knows what I'm talking about, please come forward!

Related URL's

Since this doujinshi is so old, the original online posts of the pages have long since expired, and the creator who posted them ("kier" or "kiercat") no longer has a web prescence. But, thanks to the wonderful world of technology, WarriorLoverInc has managed to track down some cached pages of keir's website.

17 April, 2012 - Also, she re-located "Amestrian Army," which is in fact in Portuguese. Fans in Portugal, rejoice!

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