This is a story in which WLI just about loses her mind when she can not find any evidence of a flower known as "firefly grass" ever existing.

She will list what she finds here, but she is confused and more than a little ticked off that Wikipedia doesn't have an article on this particular plant.


See Firefly grass

Firefly grass (also called hotarugusa) is a fictional breed of flower that appears briefly in all paths of the doujin-soft Bluebird's Illusion.


Purple/dark blue. Blooms at night. Five pentagonal-arranged petals. Has something to do with fireflies.


The actual BBI screenshot.


[3 June, 2012]

  • I have these images:
MG 2183-2 Maybefireflygrass 00092 20110531 2001999 Hotorugusa Alsomightbefireflygrass
I think the third one is what I am most likely looking for, but the fifth one is most common.

[3 August, 2012]

Well, I'd pretty much given up on finding anything substantial about this so-called "firefly grass" when I finally gave into my screaming common sense and asked the fans over at Illusion ENGLISH TRANSLATION. The ever-knowledgeable AutumnBirdsCircle (by a different name) enlightened me. Apparently, the flower is fictional.[1] FML.


  1. Illusion ENGLISH TRANSLATION (Nina Anderson posted 2 August, 2012) - Facebook

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