On the third day of the Pride Ed ending, Edward Elric meets Roy Mustang outside of headquarters and Roy comments that Ed is not looking so well. Ed sarcastically thanks him for his concern and an interesting conversation ensues...

  • Roy: "Oh, there's no need to be so gracious, considering our relationship is so special." *smirk*
  • Ed: "What do you mean 'so special?!' I don't know what you're talking about..."
  • Roy: "Isn't that the case? But every morning I wait for your 'special service...'"
  • Ed: "What... what are you talking about...? Hey wait... I--I'm warning you...! Don't talk nonsense...!" *blushes*
  • Roy: "How would I be talking nonsense? Even though your techniques are rather poor, but generally speaking I still take a bit of pleasure in it..." *suggestive smirk*
  • Ed: *WTF expression*
  • Roy: "Still, I'd like your techniques to improve a little... then the Fuhrer and I would find it more pleasurable..."
  • Ed: "Shut up... do you know what you're talking about?!" *stomps away*
  • Roy: "Ah... did he really become angry?"

2 June, 2012: That awkward moment when you find this posted elsewhere on the Internet... On tumblr no less.

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