It has been ongoing for... some time. Everyone wants to see Neoland OceanX's official website, but the fact is that it doesn't exist any more. When the circle disbanded during the time of Bluebird's Illusion's persecution, the website also disappeared. Being the determined person that I am, I have been searching for a way to view the site. Whether through pictures or an interactive archive, I will find a way.

Follow my progress below, if you dare.


No result yet.


[2 May, 2012]

Working with the sassy Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, which likes to laugh in my face and tell me it hasn't archived the website when it actually has.

  • I have finally worked around Internet Archive's Wayback Machine's little glitches and found this. Archived 7 February, 2005.
  • And again, here is a more comprehensive section of the website. Calls itself "The Gold colleagues [like Greenの]." Use the < and > buttons displayed next to the date on the Wayback Machine header to view various versions of the website.

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