In my news posts you may notice some collections of letters (i.e. RoaBB, BBIRB). They signify the location that the news was first posted at, if it was not this wiki. If you're (super) well-versed in the small Bluebird's Illusion fandom, then they might be no sweat. But for someone who hasn't the time to pick the convoluted Internet apart with a tweezers for these obscure abbreviations, simply look here.



The most common, this simply means "Bluebird's Illusion: Rebuild."


This is shorthand for "Reflections of a Bluebird," my blog on BBI.


This one stands for "Bluebird's Illusion Wiki," and is very uncommon. Little news originates here.


"Bluebird's Illusion Guide" is the largest BBI translation site on the web, and sometimes has notable news.

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