4.27.12 - RoaBB

Sometime around 10:19 AM (EST) today Archeia, Co-Project Leader of Bluebird's Illusion: Rebuild (BBIRB), updated their blog's "Progress Report" page. Completion status as of 27 April, 2012, is now at 60%.[1]

This is following posts[2][3] assuring a dwindling fandom that the project is still alive, but progressing "slow as molasses."[2] Reportedly, the main hold-up is translating and rewriting the script for Bluebird's Illusion. BBIRB is an ambitious group, who not only want to release this visual novel in English, but also in the best possible quality. They have completely remastered the graphics of the game,[1] and despite the snails-pace of development, they intend to rewrite the whole script as well, opposed to simply translating it into somewhat-comprehensible English. They will have a fandom full of thanks for that.

Currently, BBIRB need only to translate and rewrite Days Five, Six, Seven, and Eight. A majority of the Systems and the Developer Diaries still remain incomplete as well.[1]

The project has been laboring for exactly eight months and four days, as of today, not including the time Deja Vu: All Over Again spent with Bluebird's Illusion. Bluebird's Illusion was released in 2004, eight years ago. Yes, progress has been slow with this visual novel, but no one can deny that the tortoise beat the hare.

... I thank you all for your patience. REAL updates will be streaming in shortly.

—Bluebird's Circle (16 April, 2012)[2]


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