2.26.12 - BBIW

The small but dedicated fandom of Bluebird's Illusion has begun to awaken from a long slumber. It's major players have made updates and assured fans that they're still alive over the past few weeks. First, this wiki was created in January. Then, Bluebird's Illusion Translation Project blogged briefly about the status of their dub and struck up some conversation in their chatbox.[1] Finally, the largest translation website, Bluebird's Illusion Guide, reorganized their website and posted a quick update.[2]

As this author sees it, the only way to build Bluebird's Illusion hype up to the days shortly after its first release in 2004 would be its re-release in English. This particular visual novel has a long history of being dropped halfway through translation, disappointing and turning potential fans away. Deja Vu: All Over Again is the first recorded instance of a group working to translate Bluebird's Illusion into an English version.[3] They abandoned the project soon after and the team of Bluebird's Illusion Translation Project adopted the undertaking, which to date has made the most progress. (50%, as of February 26, 2012)[4]

Very soon we could witness a renewed interest in this doujin-soft. For now we watch with bated breath for signs of progress, offer support and help when we can, and hope that one of these days we'll see Bluebird's Illusion in all its English glory.

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Is the Bluebird's Illusion fandom reviving?

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