1 May, 2012 - BBIRB

"This is a very important question to y'all so you better listen," said Archeia on behalf of Bluebird's Illusion: Rebuild (BBIRB) yesterday.[1] They ask fans to volunteer opinions on what should be done with the current battle system. Keeping it as-is is not a popular idea. Complaints range from the unpredictable amount of time it may take to complete a duel (sometimes up to three hours) to the luck-based process. Current votes on the poll are leaning towards keeping the battle system and adding RPG elements to enhance the story.[1] Fellow fans are encouraged to cast their vote and share their opinion.

...we really need this input right now because it will affect the development and how we will write the script.

—Archeia (1 May, 2012)[1]

Read the full article on Bluebird's Illusion: Rebuild for more info.


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