Now that I have finally viewed the Neoland OceanX website to some extent, I'm beginning to find that some of the members of the circle have more than one screen name.

For my sanity and possibly yours I will keep track of them here.

Screen names

Most common, "main" name as header, other variations and alternate names below. Names I am not sure of I will put a "?" after. These are the names I am sure belong to members of the circle.


Chris Fox

Notes: From what I can decipher from the sketchy machine translation Google provided me with, Chris was also a "CV," otherwise known as a "seiyu," or someone who voices a character in an anime.


kier cat

Notes: kier was the creator of the Memory doujinshi based on BBI. See more here.


No alternate names.

Unknown names

These names may or may not belong to actual members. I can't be certain with the machine translation.

  • Wang Jinjin
  • FEN
  • Big Dipper / Beidou
  • I ex
  • Jabal
  • danver
  • Taijun
  • riding / Tap

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